Air Vodka


Our Client Bayadera Russia came to us with a brief to develop a product as light as Air. Vodka would be aerated in a waterfall, falling from a five-meter height in the blend tanks. Before bottling LIGHT AIR VODKA rests and breathes for another 14 days, achieving its remarkable lightness of taste. The design had to communicate the innovative quality of the product and play up the unusual name of the vodka “AIR”. We created a bottle shape resembling an air/oxygen tank with a closure reminding a vent of such an air tank. The label was purposefully designed to reflect a very simple uncomplicated manner of the product and is reminiscent of technical drawings. The logo is also very unusual; it is transparent and further enhances the lightness and airlines of the product.

Air vodka was launched in Russia and Ukraine just before the New Year and was extremely well received.
It is expected that it will be one of their most successful launches.

Design with Impact.