Khortitsa Vodka


Khortytsa is synonymous with innovation and is a benchmark for the latest in packaging design in Ukraine and Russia. However, due to the increased competition in the market the brand needed to upgrade its image and improve sales, which were showing a decline.

Our task was to create a fresher up to date image that would resonate with the consumers and return the brand to its original positioning of a modern cutting edge product. On the other hand, research showed that it was necessary infuse the brand with warmth and personality, bringing the brand closer to the consumers and increasing the emotional aspect of the brand.

Art the same time there was a noticeable trend for premiumisation in the market and we wanted to anticipate the trend by adding a truly premium product in the range and creating a separate «Premium» SKU in its own unique packaging (previously premium Khortytsa was part of the mainstream range and hardly differed from the rest of the range).

Our young and innovative, but very experienced, design team, through a very thorough process and exploring a whole range of ideas from evolutionary to revolutionary, came up with a range of design concepts that allowed to take the brand into the future. At the same time we managed to maintain brand recognition for the mainstream range, ensuring that loyal consumers feel affinity with the brand. The overall image is much softer though. We think we truly set a new standard in packaging design in Ukraine. The super premium range is cutting edge.

The alcohol market is highly competitive. The consumer often makes purchase decisions at point of sale by holding and inspecting the product and either trusting it or not. That is why packaging is not just an important element of the product design, but is one of the major promotion tools! We as market leaders understand that very well and only invite our tried and tested partners to work on our brands, one of such partners is London Brand Consulting. We are developing innovative and dynamic brands and the speed of decision-making and implementation is of paramount importance. And London Brand Consulting are prefect partners for us.

Sergey Velichko, General Director, Global Spirits

According IWSR 2014, “Khortytsa” has once again confirmed its reputation and global international position by entering the top 3 global vodkas. Khortytsa has become the largest in Eastern Europe and the third in the world in terms of sales – after Smirnoff and Absolut.

Khortytsa was among the top three global vodka brand for the third year in a row. According to the rating results, it has become the best-selling Ukrainian vodka in the world.

The world is changing, Khortytsa is growing with it and we are delighted to part of this new stage in brand development.

A great example of design with impact.