vodka Nikita

vodka Nikita

In September 2020 a new Ukrainian craft vodka Nikita will appear in the CIS countries and Western Europe, and a little later in the USA. Vodka made according to a traditional recipe which is consists only of 100% corn alcohol and pure artesian water. The trend of the vodkas creation that build a brand due to their special recipe and thus attract the attention of the consumer with a certain taste uniqueness has been traced for a long time. And Nikita's recipe is a return to the origins, to traditional production methods. It is this purity that distinguishes Nikita from all modern vodkas (officially today there are no similar pure vodkas in Ukraine) and attracts the attention of bartenders who can build cocktails without impurities and flavors.

But in order to create a product that really arouses interest and excitement among the audience, a unique composition is not enough.
The buyer first of all loves and chooses with his eyes and draw his attention on the shelf, and only a carefully thought out and built design could display the essence of the product and tell its story.

We were faced with the task of developing a brand of Nikita vodka, which will be positioned as a modern craft vodka from Ukraine and offered to consumers around the world, but at the same time will be distinguished by its originality.

The development of the Nikita brand, the elaboration of its concept, design and final design took about three months.
The main difference between NIKITA vodka is its composition — 100% water and alcohol (in a 60/40 ratio) and no additives (no sugar, no glucose, no gluten, etc.). Such purity is confirmed by a certificate and according to information from the certification bodies of Ukraine there is no other such vodka in Ukraine, and the unique traditional recipe and manual control of blending and quality automatically transferred NIKITA to the rank of a craft product.
Naturalness, craft and originality — all this had to be reflected in the design.
*Moodboard as a starting point

The client and us have chosen a ready-made bottle shape, which clearly positioned the product as vodka. This gave us the opportunity to concentrate all our efforts on label design, glass color and closure, and devote more time to developing completely original graphics.
After reviewing several color options, we tinted the glass in a custom caramel shade reminiscent of ripe corn, thus grabbing the audience's attention on the shelf. This was an unexpected decision, since the brief stipulated precisely the purity and transparency of the design. But we always try to offer unusual concepts that may go beyond the brief, but better express the spirit of the brand.

*Transparent glass design *Caramel glass design
In the case of Nikita, the client supported our idea of ​​the burnt corn glass, thereby demonstrating its ability to stay ahead of the market and create trends.

Corn on the label not only reflects the composition of the vodka, but also supports the name of the — an allusion to the Nikita Khrushchev's corn campaign of the 50s *. * "Corn campaign" or "corn fever" in 1950s - 1960s — an initiative of the Central Committee of the CPSU for the massive introduction of corn in the agriculture of the USSR. It was implemented after N.S. Khrushchev looked at the experience of American agriculturalists and had a personal visit to the United States.
To make the Nikita vodka label feel like a part of the bottle and create a feeling of premium handmade, we used graphics printed by screen printing (silk screen printing). In addition, this printing method continued the idea of ​​a craft product.

We have placed the “No Sugar, No Gluten” logo on the top label.
Nikita is made from corn alcohol, and corn, due to its natural properties, is gluten-free.
In the West, especially in the United States, the consumer monitors the composition of the foods consumed very closely and checks it for sugar and gluten contence. And again, such a message is necessary for consumers with certain dietary preferences and helps to make a choice in favor of Nikita vodka.

We chose a very simple shape for the capping and engraved the Nikita logo, which added a craft-like effect.

As a result, we got a very holistic, complex product, where the brand concept, name and design of Nikita vodka fully support each other. We are convinced that this brand will be extremely successful, as there is already a great deal of interest from trade in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, other neighboring countries and the United States.