What do you pay attention to when choosing medications? Of course, we are not talking about such medicines that are prescribed in the quick handwriting of a doctor in your prescription.
We are talking about those where the choice is yours: vitamins, dietary supplements, self-diagnosis tests or regular headache pills. How to attract the attention of the buyer and, importantly, to build confidence in the product, which is responsible for such an important aspect as health?

In 2010, LBC was invited to launch a new line of products - self-diagnosis tests.
Our task was to develop the design of Premium Diagnostics tests: a single concept for the entire line and packaging design for each test separately, as well as the Premium Diagnostics logo and communication style.

The development of medical brands is specific because the pharmaceutical market is very competitive and highly regulated. Because of this, many traditional marketing strategies are not applicable here. At first glance, it may seem that the design of the packaging of medicines is not so important, because the medicine is prescribed by a doctor or recommended by a pharmacist. But, in cases when it comes to over-the-counter products (for example, tests), the buyer has these few minutes of free visual choice in front of a shelf in a pharmacy or supermarket. Here, the design of drug packaging plays a decisive role, and perhaps even more than in other products.

*The concepts

Many forget that drug branding is designed for people, not for disease. We decide whether we trust the drug or not.
And if you manage to create a brand that resonates with the buyer on an emotional level, inspires confidence, this will not only attract his attention, but also create a long-term relationship with him. And this is the main task of branding. The human factor is very important and only design can work with it.

Brand development of Premium Diagnostics took less than a year. Since then, the client has not redesigned or made any changes, and the products are still standing out on the shelves. This is an excellent indicator of a durable design. As for the numbers, the success of the company is confirmed by its commercial performance and leading positions in the markets and in retail.

*The concepts

The client wanted to present a whole line of tests for self-diagnosis and occupy a free niche in the market, which appeared due to the departure of one of the market leaders during the crisis. It was necessary to act quickly.
The customer had a fairly complete picture of the product they wanted to create. They needed a strong brand, a brand expert in home diagnostics with the potential to gain a leading position quickly in the Russian market and subsequently the CIS.
At that time, competitors used rather bright colors to attract the attention of consumers, to stand out on the shelf, obviously inspired by the dietary supplements and vitamins market. Our task was to create a brand that did not need to shout about itself.

*Versions of the logo
Price positioning expressed the brand name. This is a brand that will never compromise; you can be sure of its quality.

At that time, the consumer associated German pharmaceutical products with quality, trusting them 100%, so it was important for our client to position the product as Western, because the tests are actually carried out in Germany.
Accuracy, speed, trust. We had to work with approximately such a set of installations.

After providing the initial concepts, two areas were immediately selected, which we combined into one. This often happens when the client likes several elements from different concepts and asks them to combine them. In the case of Paramed, such a symbiosis was very successful.

*Select direction
*Final version of the logo

We created the logo in a very smooth form that speaks of care. The dark blue color carries the idea of reliability and inspires confidence, and the pastel colors of the packaging are soothing and not annoying.

In pharmaceuticals, drug packaging does not have a guide as such for the location of information, but a hierarchy is very important, which should be clear and understandable. Premium Diagnostics packaging met these requirements.

The striking PD logo was located in one color and in one position on the package. The identical geometry and structure of the substrate, which was always observed, as well as the arrangement of the elements, created the feeling of a block on a shelf. The color line below, with the name of the test and its purpose, made it possible to quickly find the desired test. All this helped to attract the attention of the buyer and create a sense of "family". We also paid great attention to the analysis of the design of instructions for the attachment: we studied leaflets of market leaders and prepared our individual version that matches the style and mood of the new brand.

As a result, we created a calm confident design, softened by its emotional visual range. And that is why the most difficult, but at the same time interesting element of the project was the selection of the right images.

The development of a brand of drugs is primarily a dialogue with the consumer about trust.
The image should have correctly conveyed the mood, because a person often has a fear of receiving a test result. It was necessary to set the correct emotional background.
Initially, we tried to create a system in a single style, but since the nature of the tests is different, as people themselves and their emotions in different life situations, it is impossible to create a single system.

It was very important to observe all the nuances of perception - what emotions evoke images, what colors to determine for different tests on the packaging, how all the elements are combined. Of course, the style of the entire line is important, but the specific test and its “voice” also play a big role.

So, for example, a test for hidden blood in the stool (EZ Detect) is quite delicate. Therefore, we chose the image of daisies, and not the photo of tests in the laboratory or abstract images of molecules, as originally intended. Chamomile was the most suitable perception: easy, simple, understandable. In addition, she gives a certain calm and removes anxiety.

The ovulation test should not have carried images of children or the abdomen, otherwise it could have been confused with a pregnancy test or broadcast the emotion of doubt. Therefore, the image of a positive, dreaming, sweet girl was chosen.

Or the task with a menopause test: it was interesting, because it was impossible for the design to evoke associations with aging, or, on the contrary, carried the image of a too young or abstract woman.

Oddly enough, the design of the packaging of the pregnancy test turned out to be the most interesting challenge. The client set a very clear task: this test was to broadcast an absolutely desired positive result. This was and remains atypical for the design of such tests.

Of course, we started with the image of children, but this did not convey the necessary mood: too “about the child”, and not about the woman’s moment when buying a test. We wanted to smooth out sharp corners in cases where pregnancy is not the result we are counting on.
Booties of two colors turned out to be one hundred percent hit to convey emotion. Here, first of all, an easy attitude, a riddle (two colors), a hint - all this causes pleasant associations among those who are planning a child and do not repel those who are not ready for this yet.

As a result, in less than a year, we managed to create a brand that you can trust and at the same time that was noticeable on the shelf. Due to its style, characteristic color gamut, recognizable logo, clear information about its destination, the Premium Diagnostics brand quickly took leading positions in the markets of Russia and the CIS, and a consistent corporate identity facilitated the task of expanding the assortment in the future.