Koblevo reserve cognac

Following the creation of Koblevo cognac, which quickly became a strong player in the Ukrainian cognac market, it was necessary to expand the line.

Maria Chugrova
Founder of London Brand, international brand expert
Our task was to create a modern and stylish European product of high quality, produced in Ukraine (Koblevo) from Ukrainian grapes by the best Ukrainian masters. The new premium premium range had to convey the excellent quality of KOBLEVO cognac.

In addition, we were trusted with an ambitious task of restyling the identity of the entire Koblevo brand. The new brand identity was to unite the entire Koblevo range: Koblevo cognacs and wines. We completely redrew the logo and 'lost' lost the leaf. The logo has become more modern, strong, appropriate for a market leader. An element in the form of a diagonal red ribbon, inspired by the uniform of Count Coble replaced the leaf. The diagonal shape found reflection in the label shape of the entire range. The new identity communicate modernity, high quality of the product of the international level.

At the packaging level, we have developed a bottle shape in the form of a minimalist flask with a label shifted to the right, which is perceived as modern, premium, European and unambiguously masculine.

tell us about your business and we will make an amazing brand story
tell us about your business and we will make an amazing brand story