We had the idea to come up with a brand, concept, strategy and identity ourselves and offer such a ready-made project to potential clients. This is how the idea for a packaged baby food called Eccolo came about.

original idea
At that time, there were no such proposals in the Russian Federation, all food was in jars or required preparation, and the bags were an innovation and offered greater mobility to mothers and fathers, since they could easily be taken with you for a walk or on a trip, he even allowed the child on his own eat straight from the bag.
To bring Eccolo to life, we came up with a family of funny little monsters called Yumm's. All characters have a distinct personality that can be revealed in a marketing campaign or web application.
Our client "Oltree" liked the idea, and they bought this project from us, albeit with the task of developing a brand further in application to feeding accessories, since the cost of such food would be too high for a mass consumer.
Сердце — символ любви к своему делу

future of the project
In our opinion, it turned out to be an excellent project, beautiful, bright and attractive, both for kids and for their parents. Unfortunately, it hasn't been launched yet, as the company felt that the brand looks too premium for the economy segment. But we hope that in the near future it will still enter the market.
the idea of preparing ready-made brands not as an order, it seems to us interesting for development in the future
After all, we, as specialists in branding, often better see what trends will be on the market, and we can offer promising ideas and projects that are almost ready for launch.

tell us about your business and we will make an amazing brand story
tell us about your business and we will make an amazing brand story