Koblevo wine and identity

Koblevo wine is crafted in Ukraine's Koblevo region that is located near the Black Sea. It exists since 1982 and is one of the oldest and most well known brands in Ukraine.

Maria Chugrova
Founder of London Brand, international brand expert
In preparation for the portfolio extension and growth, it needed a new strong corporate identity that would unite all Koblevo products, such as wine, cognac, champagne under one strong umbrella brand.

The brand was repositioned and completely redesigned. We created a corporate identity and style that unites the range of Koblevo wines, cognacs and sparkling wines and signs off every product and brand communication making it immediately recognisable.

As part of the major restyling with the objective of to increase modernity, shelf standout, premium and natural associations, we completely redesigned Koblevo's bestselling Bordeaux and Sommelier ranges creating a very unique and recognisable style, which embraces the natural and handcrafted character of the wine. The brand has a fantastic shelf standout and sales figures keep growing. The new design of also served as an inspiration for a prominent new advertising campaign.

tell us about your business and we will make an amazing brand story
tell us about your business and we will make an amazing brand story