Kyiv Euro Marathon

Kyiv Euro

In 2016, the leading TOP RUNNERS running club of Ukraine approached us with the task of developing a design for one of the most important sports events in Ukraine — the Kyiv Euro Marathon. 6,600 athletes. 50 countries. All that we had before the start of the work was the name of the marathon.

branding idea
Scale. Cohesion. Entertainment. This is the first thing that comes to mind when think about international sporting event.

We forget that behind such a perception and impressions of a sporting event is primarily the symbolism of the event. Simply put, think about the Olympics — remember the rings.

Creating such an identity is not easy, but very interesting and rare. We had to create a unique original brand that reflects the values of the event, the city where it should take place, and the culture of Ukraine.
Logo variants by London Brand
The marathon itself was planned as an important event in celebration of Europe Day. Europe Day has been celebrated in Ukraine since the beginning of the 2000s every May, as it happens in the EU countries.

Prior to this, sporting events were not held within the framework of this festival. Now, the organizers of the festival and the marathon collaborated with representatives of the European Union to ensure its high-profile coverage.
in addition to other tasks, it was necessary to position KEM as an event of European scale

After studying all the key world marathons in London, Moscow, Tokyo, New York and even visiting marathons in Berlin and Paris, we got the idea to emphasize the geographical location of Kyiv. After all, Kyiv is located in the center of Europe.

The idea grew into the slogan: Run in the Heart of Europe. The client liked the idea. In addition, we specifically studied the identity of the world's leading marathons in order to simultaneously join them and stand out due to the characteristic Ukrainian elements. For KEM, the tape became such an element - part of the traditional outfit of Ukrainian girls.
This national weave of ribbons in girlish braids and headdresses perfectly fit the brand identity. We literally "wove" them into the logo in the shape of the letter "K", indicating the venue — Kyiv.
The branding of events is, first of all, creating an atmosphere, communicating promises, provoking a desire to attend competitions and only then creating a single image at all points of contact, and there are a lot of them in sports competitions: posters, starting and finishing lines, numbers of participants, medals that we paid special attention to, and other paraphernalia that the participant and the spectator could take with them. Everything had to be taken into account: the readability of the logo, the scaling of elements and their printing on different surfaces.
continuing the idea of the slogan — "Run in the Heart of Europe", we added a sign of a heart made of ribbons, thereby indicating the hospitable nature of Ukrainians
The task of each event branding, in this case the marathon, is to attract the attention of participants, inspire them and fill the stands with spectators. Here, an important role is played by the event's advertising, mobile advertising, its face in social networks. Brand identity should be vibrant and meaningful, even on a Facebook page.
At the same time, all elements should be quite flexible, easy to change over time. Design flexibility is another important point that we have taken into account. At the beginning, the colors of the Ukrainian flag served to position the marathon as a Ukrainian event and provided recognition, but now, after 5 years of successful development, when the brand has strengthened its position in the minds of its audience, it can go further. Change of colors is a signal of its evolution, readiness for a new, dynamics.

And although we did not do the subsequent redesign, we hope to work with the brand again, as identity should develop, and a strong brand should set the tone for others.

tell us about your business and we will make an amazing brand story
tell us about your business and we will make an amazing brand story