The Vozdukh

In March 2015, the BAYADERA GROUP alcohol holding contacted our agency with a brief to develop a design for its coming product of vodka "Vozdukh" ("Air") for the Russian market. Read more to see the process and result of our work.

The client already had a well-thought-out brand concept — vodka is saturated with air in a waterfall, falling from a 3-meter height into a blending container. Before bottling, vodka rests and breathes for another 14 days, due to which the ease of drinking is achieved. Now this concept of lightness and airiness had to be reflected in the design.
At that time, BG had already worked with a couple of agencies before coming to us, but did not find what they were looking for. After 4 months, we completed the project, and already in December, the Vozdukh vodka brand appeared on store shelves in our design.

Of course, the first thing you think about when you are asked to visualize air is sky or light, transparency, purity. But our team prefers to expand the boundaries of the familiar and go beyond. This is probably why we have been working with our customers for many years, and they continue to come back to us with new tasks.
In the case of Vozdukh, we wanted to move away from the cliches and focus on the target audience, rather than on obvious metaphors.
First of all, we asked BG to describe our consumer and got a portrait of an intellectual who relates to life with humor, usually has a higher, most often engineering degree.

Our team carefully studied the buyer in order to understand which visual images will be close to him, so the development of the Vozdukh brand has gained a strong idea of honest and unpretentious design that "speaks" to every man.
based on this concept, we developed the design of the Vozdukh bottle in such a shape resembling an oxygen cylinder with a valve closure
With this form, we immediately achieved two goals: the target consumer will be attracted by an industrial silhouette familiar to him, and the unusual shape will highlight a bottle on store shelves.

The Vozdukh vodka label continued the idea of a simple product due to its similarity to the technical drawing, which will resonate with everyone who has an engineering education, and the logo displays the concept of lightness and transparency through a screen font.
Since this is a mainstream brand, we were limited in materials and technologies that we could use in order not to increase production costs. Nevertheless, we could work with bottle shapes and paper labels, which give a lot of room for creativity.

In fact, you can create anything using paper and printing technology, using interesting paper, embossing, foiling and various inks. The client was very susceptible to all our ideas and together the manufacturer managed to produce an individual cap in the form of a valve and a cut-out logo in the light, heating up the idea of lightness.

The design of Vozdukh vodka, the unusual shape of the bottle and graphics, accompanied by advertising with a slight intellectual humor, attracted the attention of not only the consumer we were aiming at, but also gained popularity among the young audience as an unusual vodka.

Although the brand was developed only for the Russian market, it was decided to immediately launch it both on the Ukrainian market and other CIS markets. As a result, just a year after the launch, the brand, for example, won a 5 % share in the Ukrainian vodka market and was able to hold about 6–7 % of the market, which is an excellent indicator in such a competitive market. The brand also took a strong position in the Russian market.

The client was very pleased with the design, and as proof of this, he returned to us for product redesign in 2019.
Due to the increase in the minimum price of vodka in the Ukrainian market and due to the activity on the redesign of packaging of competing brands, it was necessary to create a fresh, more premium image for the brand. The original bold design of Vozdukh vodka was detailed enough to eventually become cult and not require global changes.
It was necessary to preserve the general appearance and the main elements related to brand recognition, such as the logo, bottle shape and cap.

A new bottle of Vozdukh has become higher, retaining the shape of an oxygen cylinder. The valve-shaped cover became transparent, and overall the shape of the label and graphics acquired dynamism and lightness. New elements were added, such as embossing in the form of air bubbles and a holographic print with a logo and slogan, and the logo itself became more concise and airy.

The redesign turned out to be stylish and premium, aimed at a younger audience and bar culture, while maintaining the brand identity of the brand and further strengthening its position in the market

The design of Vozdukh vodka is an example of how a close dialogue with the target audience can build a completely new and subsequently successful product concept.
Being able to express this concept and display it in all components and details is the main indicator of a successful brand. Air is a great example of such success as Morosha and Leaf.

tell us about your business and we will make an amazing brand story
tell us about your business and we will make an amazing brand story